Monday, November 3, 2008

Congratulations Ben and Molly!!

Well it was off to Ohio for the 2nd Watkins' wedding in a month and what a beautiful wedding! Jason, Nancy and I broke the trip up a bit and left Thursday night and drove to Buffalo where we spent the night at the Hilton Garden Inn. After late night (or was it early morning by that time??) McDonald's sundaes and raiding the bathroom of all the little sample size shampoos and lotions it was back on the road and heading toward Strasburg, OH. Once arriving at Strasburg we checked into our hotel and then headed down to help Molly and Ben set up the reception site. That night a bunch of us went and ate at the Amish Door the food was SO good and SO not good for you! "Yes I'll take the fried chicken, roast beef, mashed potatoes, ham, and a coronary blockage please!!" Strasburg has a LARGE amish population and it was so cool to see about 10 horse and buggies tied up outside of the restaurant. At one point I must have become Amish struck and I'd decided I wanted to sell my car and start riding around Albany exclusively in a horse and buggy. Who needs more than one horse power? heated leather seats? air conditioner/heater? a radio? seat belts? air bags? Not me!! At this point Jason decided I must be delusional from low blood sugar and he quickly forced me to drink a large glass of OJ. After reminding me that I forget to water my one plant on a regular would I remember to feed my "automobile" it's grains every day I recovered from my quick bout of insanity it was back to the wedding!! So for this wedding I took the pictures while telling Jason that I would blow his pictures from last wedding out of the water... hence the ENORMOUS amount of pictures! I decided to save you from scrolling through 28 pages of pictures and put them into a slideshow. Enjoy!!


The McKerrow Family said...

Glad to see some pictures of the wedding, wish we could have been there. And by the way you look sooo CUTE with your little belly!!!...I was wondering if you were showing yet.

Shelly Howe said...

Looks like it was a very nice wedding.
ps - you did take better pictures than Jason [don't tell him I said that].