Tuesday, May 20, 2008

VT Graduation

I thought it was time the ol' blog got a face lift!

So I'm a little behind in posting this, but a few weekends ago (May 9-10) Jason and I flew to MD where we met up with mom and dad and then we all drove down to Blacksburg for Jeff's graduation from Virginia Tech!! We had so much fun!

I had worked the night before and left directly from work to go to the airport. As we're walking through the airport I notice there's a lot of REALLY big guys standing around in groups. Come to find out it was the Albany Conquest football team and they were flying to Florida for a game. You could tell who the star of the team was because he was going through the metal detectors with his sunglasses still on! Are you serious? They make me take off my shoes, watch, belt, underwear, and hair pins and HE goes through with his "bling" and sunglasses?? Just because I have two left feet and can't make a touchdown doesn't mean he's better than me!!! So, as I'm hurridly trying to redress myself, I decided to make myself feel better and I whispered to the security person that I heard Mr. Superstar say something like " I hope they don't find the drugs hidden on my body". Cavity check on aisle 4!!!! Karma got me back though the team ended up being on our flight and I had to sit by the linebacker. And when I say I sat by him...I really mean I was sat on by him because he was taking up ALL the room!

Anyways, we had so much fun at the graduation. Britta was so nice to let us all stay at her place and we had a blast! Here are some highlight pics from the trip!

Until next time!