Saturday, February 23, 2008

Hello!!!!! Remember me?? I am officially the worst blogger in the world! My work schedule has been so crazy this past month. I'll work 2 nights and then only have one night off before I'm back again, so I've been doing A LOT of sleeping and NO blogging. So like Arnold... I'm BAAAACK!!

Unfortunately, I'm back without a lot of pictures. We went to Mom and Dad's several weekends ago and we were so busy having fun and enjoying the warm weather that we didn't take any pictures. I do have a few pictures though. So after working all of Thursday night, I hurried home and packed WAY too many clothes and we left for MD on Friday morning. Here's me being a great travel buddy!

Although, once I saw this picture I realized I can no longer sleep while Jason is driving. At first I thought "awww....sweet" but then I slowly realized that there was no one else in the car with us to snap this picture. Here's a math problem for you. Jason has 2 hands. If one of Jason's hands is above my head, and the other is holding the many hands does Jason have on the wheel?? NONE!!!! Which is why I will no longer be sleeping when he's driving. Had I been awake I'd have been able to knock him across the head and go "GET YOUR HANDS ON THE WHEEL!!!" but there I was, sleeping soundly never knowing my life was in danger!!!! Jason was probably thankful for the silence! Otherwise I'd annoy him every time a new song came on and I go "OH! I LOVE THIS SONG" and proceed to loudly sing everything from ACDC to Britney Spears (pre-mental breakdown) :0) It was so nice to spend some time in MD. We hadn't been there since June, so needless to say it was nice to go home and the warm weather was great!!! Everyone else thought it was cold and they were bundled in mittens and earmuffs and Jason and I are out sunbathing and having waterfights with the hose. (okay, maybe just a SLIGHT exaggeration). The weather on the way home wasn't as nice. It snowed the entire way home and the roads were HORRIBLE. Someone should suggest to Pennsylvania to invest in a snow plow!!! Even though I offered to drive some on the way home, Jason wouldn't let me. He felt my spontaneous dance breaks while driving wouldn't be a good idea with the condition of the roads as they were.

Don't you love how compassionate Jason and I are?? "OH! Nasty wreck!! WHERE'S THE CAMERA!?!?!?!" Anyways, we made it home safe and sound!

For this month my work schedule isn't quiet as bad so I'll try my best to be a better blogger!! Until next time!!