Saturday, September 8, 2007

The Great Adventurers Return

We survived!!! We went camping this weekend with Brad and Clarissa and it was so much fun! We drove to Lake George Friday afternoon and then camped at a campground up there. Check out how much stuff we packed for one night!! I was playing a game I like to call "wonder-what-we've-forgotten" and by the looks of things...we didn't forget a thing!

So we get to the camp ground and anxiously drove around looking for our lot, #139 and it was awesome! Not too far from the bathrooms (a necessity for me) and enough room for both of our tents. As we're excitedly setting up our tent with our chests puffed out because it's the coolest tent ever made, we look over and here's Brad and Clarissa:

They're basically setting up the Hilton of tents!! I KNOW that during the night I heard a splash coming from the indoor pool inside that thing! Sure took the wind of out our sails, but none the less, our tent was pretty nice. That night, Clarissa definitely raised the bar on camp food. We had steaks, diced potatoes, green beans, mushroom and onions for supper!!! No hot dogs and hamburgers for this crew!

The weather was perfect. Just a little shower around 6am that only last for a half hour and then it was back to great weather.

In the morning we were glad to see our site hadn't been raided by wild bears or crazy redneck campers, and we enjoyed a feast of pancakes and sausages.

Once we packed up our stuff it was off to explore Lake George and eventually, Saratoga Springs. We played mini golf where Jason beat us mercilessly by about 20 strokes and I had a massive heart attack as I watched a HUGE snake crawl nearly across my feet on one of the holes!!! No joke, this is a picture the grounds crew took of him:

I'm lucky to be alive. After seeing the snake I crossed Lake George off of my list forever and we all decided to go to Saratoga where Clarissa had heard of these paved bike trails in Saratoga National Historical Park. We had a lot of fun. Ended up biking 13 miles total, 12.5 of those were straight up hill! How I squeezed out a smile for the camera is beyond me!

Then we grabbed a quick bite to eat and headed home exhausted!!!! Hopefully my legs will work tomorrow! Now it's off to collapse in my own bed and not have to worry what that weird crawling sensation is on my leg!!