Monday, November 12, 2007

November Happenings

I can't believe it's already the middle of November!! Everytime I get used to writing the correct month on all of my papers, it changes on me again!!!!

My mom and Harley came up last week to spend a couple days with us and we had so much fun! I had a week off of work, so it was so nice to have some time together. It was great to just lounge around with mom and be able to relax without having to get anything done. We did get quite a bit of decorating done!!! Although, towards the end of the week Jason was reaching his limit. I think if I would have given him one more picture to hang he would have hung me instead!!! :)

Here's our newly decorated basement:

Our slowly developing picture collage

Mixed feelings on the joy of decorating

After all the decorating was done and I realized how close we had come to having "irreconcilable differences" due to wall hangings...we decided to do something that didn't involve nails or pictures or doilies! So last weekend we went to Arena Cross with Dave Zal.

I was actually on-call the entire time we were there. So I sat and clutched my phone in my hand terrified that it would ring and I'd have to leave for work from downtown Albany. Little did we know how the evening REALLY would pan out. Grab some popcorn, this gets good!

So Dave meets us at our house and since we weren't sure whether I was going to get called in to work, Dave drove separately so he could bring Jason home if I had to leave early. I really wanted to park in the parking garage because I thought if I got called in and had to walk to the car by myself I didn't want to walk through Albany alone. But Jason and Dave said they would find street parking close to the arena and "you'll be fine". So we parked in two separate places and then met up at the arena. I called into work around 9 and they said they'd need me at 11 so I figured I'd just leave from the arena and drive right to work and change once I got there. Jason kindly walked me to the car and then he was going to walk down the street and meet up with Dave at his car. So at 10:15ish Jason walks me to my car and I take off towards the hospital. I'm just getting out of Albany onto the highway and Jason calls me "you need to turn around!! Dave's truck was towed and we need you to take us to the garage!!!" WHAT?!?! I have no idea where I'm going!! So Jason tells me which exit to get off of and he'll run up the street and meet me. Well of course I don't come out where I'm supposed to and so I call him and he's way up the street and has to run back down again to meet me. So while he's busy running all over Albany trying to find me, I'm trying desperately not to get lost in Downtown Albany. Finally, we all meet up's like 10:35, I have to be at work by 11 and we still have to find the garage!! We finally find the garage, Dave gets his truck back and I now have 15 minutes to fly to the hospital!!! WHEW!!! Amazingly I made it at 10:53!!!! I bet you the next time I say "hey let's park in the garage" the guys won't hesitate to cough up those 6 dollars!!!!!!! What an evening!!

Now I should really go and try and get some sleep. It's back to work tonight!

Monday, November 5, 2007

Geek Squad here I come!

So it's taken me forever to update and this time I really do have a valid excuse. The video card in our computer was shot, so we had to fix it before I could load any pictures. (Because who wants to see a blog without pictures?? It'd be kinda like apple pie without vanilla ice cream....BORING!) So with some gentle coaching and computer terminology dummied WAY down for me from my dad, I braved the wild world of computers. Actually, it wasn't that bad. I got the old video card out with no problems, it was the part where I had to go to Circuit City that was REALLY aggravating. So I go to man-world (aka Circuit City), looking every bit of the female that I am and I figured a girl in Circuit City would be something like raw meat in a lion's den. Either my stereotype is WAY off, or I've REALLY got to start working out some more!!! No one even looked at me!!! A store full of 15 guys and not one seems to care that I am a female and therefore don't have the computer prowess that they have hence the dumbfounded/terrified look I have on my face! Here's how bad it got. At one point, I swallowed my pride and actually walked up to one of the red shirted employees who happened to be on the computer (probably looking up "how to talk to". So I'm standing there right in front of him and he decides it's much more important for him to go answer a phone 2 aisles over than to help a living breathing clueless girl!!!!!! Never said a word to me!! Why is it when you just want to be left alone, every employee from 2 shifts comes over and asks if you need something, but then when you actually DO need help, no one cares!!?!?!?! So I summoned up my super girl strength, marched over to the video cards, did some careful reading and TA DA!!!! Picked the right card by myself and fixed my own stinkin' computer free of any Circuit City dorks!! MAYBE THAT'S WHY PEOPLE GO TO BEST BUY!!!!! So FINALLY our computer is back up and running.

So a quick run down of what we've been up to. We spent one Sunday afternoon a couple weeks ago hanging out at Thatcher Park with George, Katie, Oscar, and Madeline, we went to Bronson's b-day party, Jason went to Heidi's b-day party, I went to work, we cut TONS of wood for our wood stove on Saturday and now I'm sitting at home anxiously awaiting the arrival of my mom!! My dad is in Europe for a week, so mom decided to bring Harley up and stay with us for awhile!! So I'm really excited for that. So enjoy the pictures!!

That's all for now! Until next time!