Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Fat and Happy

So I've had a request to "show everyone how fat you've gotten". Although my first thought was to knock this person flat onto the ground and give them a severe beating, I quickly came to my senses and thought "Calm down Christina....he is your husband and the father of your future child and who will change light bulbs if he's in the hospital?....breath.....breath". Haha! If anyone it wasn't Jason, he's learned to walk very delicately around the topic of weight lately. So for those of you who haven't seen me lately, or those of you who are stalking me on-line and need to put a face to a name so that when you kidnap me in Target parking lot, you'll be sure to get the right person....here ya go!

Somewhere around 18 or 20 weeks

Doing the typical pregnant stance at 25 weeks. Not sure why all us
pregnant people feel this is the way to pose in pictures, as if my hands really need to outline where the baby is...just incase you weren't sure!

All in all I've been feeling really good. I had a doctor's visit 2 weeks ago that was interesting. Let me paint you a picture. (Warning: being a nurse I've forgotten what tends to be acceptable topics of conversation and what takes things too far, so read at your own risk) So I go to my monthly check up and first thing they do is give you a cup for a urine sample. Now I'm not sure about anyone else, but for me that usually entails having to strip to just my socks as I haven't quite mastered the art of urine sample collection. Let's just say I've learned to keep a spare change of clothes in my purse! (what? Too much info??) So after struggling to get RE-combobulated (that's the opposite of discombobulated) in a 4x4 bathroom in a short amount of time so as not to draw attention to the fact that I'm inept at urine collection, I exit the bathroom breathing heavy and sweating profusely. Next it's on to my favorite part of the exam, the scale! Once again I try and strip to my socks, but they strongly discourage it since the scale is out in the open. So I stick with tossing my shoes and coat to the side. About 4 people came running full speed at the blood curdling scream I released as I saw what my current weight was. Then, since I was nice and calm having realized I weighed roughly the size of a trailer, they took my blood pressure. Genius! Great timing! I'm sure the reading will be normal! Surprise Surprise.... my blood pressure is high!! So I met with the doctor who said with my weight gain, increased blood pressure, and protein that was in my urine I have the pleasure of going back again in 2 weeks so they can monitor me and see if the protein goes away and if my blood pressure goes down. Here's an idea, maybe you should take my blood pressure first before putting me through the emotional roller coaster of peeing in a cup and weighing myself! I go again the day before Thanksgiving and hopefully things have settled down.
So other than that, I've been feeling really great, Sparkle is kicking up a storm, and we're starting to think about nursery colors and how to decorate the room. We're looking forward to eating a huge Thanksgiving dinner at the Farm and seeing how far this maternity skirt can stretch. Hope everyone has a great Thanksgiving! Until next time!


Vicki said...

I love the fact that I am always the first one to make a comment on your blog. It helps that you call me to say you have "updated". I guess there are some rewards for being in labor for 36 hours with you!!! I guess I will have to be more sensitive when I ask you to post a picture of you and Sparkle. I never thought you would get offended at "hey Tubby..let's see how far skin can stretch". I will be more sensitive in the future. LOVE YA BOTH....and Jason too!!!

Brent & Johanna Chappell said...

Lookin' good! Can't wait to see what y'all are having!

Shelly Howe said...

I think you look beautiful !

thezals said...

I am sitting here with a serious stomachache from laughing. I always look forward to reading your blog. I think you look great too. We hope everything continues to go well for the rest of your pregnancy.

lil bird said...

I think you look Amazing... let me take a moment to clarify that based on the sensitive nature of this topic. Amazing as in glowing, happy,and calm not amazing as in Ripley's Believe it or not...
(if I were a dr. i would be able to look at you and say "nope. no high BP there...just discombulation") clearly their process is backwards!(it's probably a good thing I'm not a Dr. ;)