Saturday, June 21, 2008

It's Shower Time

The other day at work we threw a surprise shower for my twin, Christine. If you don't know about the Christine/Christina story here goes. There are so many similarities between us that we've decided we must be long lost twins. I don't know why my mother would hide something so important from me, but I've decided it was probably because she knew I was the more awesome twin so she'd keep me and give away Christine. (Ask Christine and she probably thinks the opposite...sad) Anyways, apart from the obvious name similarity (which people at work haven't picked up on because they all think my name is Christine and I've stopped trying to correct them), the men in our lives also have the same name. She's getting married to Jason next weekend. This makes it akward when we get a phone call at work and they go "It's Jason" and I pick up the phone while saying something totally inappropriate and THEN realize it's the OTHER Jason. Akward..... Here's another similarity. My Jason's birthday is October 11th. Other Jason's birthday is October 10th. During one delivery Christine and I were in the same room and the midwife goes "wait..there's two of you??? I always thought I was talking to the same person!!" At least we have have someone to blame when something goes wrong.

So anyways... we threw a surprise shower for her last night at work. She totally didn't suspect a thing. It was a lot of fun and there were so many good things to eat!

This may be the biggest cheesecake I've ever seen in my life! Probably took 45 blocks of cream cheese to make!!

All for now! I'm oncall tonight for 12 hours, so here's to hoping I don't get that dreaded 2am phone call "We need you to come in". Wonder what they'd say if I just said "No thanks". Probably shouldn't try it unless I want a new job or unless I finally want to follow my dream of becoming a professional rodeo clown...

Monday, June 16, 2008

Weekend In MD

I have been so busy at work lately I've seriously neglected updating. Although, nothing too exciting has been happening around here, so there hasn't been too much to write about. I worked everyday last week, 12 hour shifts, so needless to say I'm exhausted. It might not have been so bad had there been normal patients on the floor, but it seemed like we were having a blue light special on crazy this week!!! It wasn't even a full moon, but boy were they out!

So I'll add a few pictures of our weekend trip to MD. Jason and I went down the last weekend in May to be with mom during her birthday. Jeff and Britta were in as well so we had a lot of fun hanging out with everyone. One of the friends down there threw a "groom's shower" or as we dubbed it "the Man shower" for Jeff on Saturday. After the shower, the 4 of us (J&B and J&C) went hiking to Annapolis Rock. It was a really pretty day and we had so much fun. On Sunday we got an ice cream cake for mom, but we made the mistake in having the guys go pick out the cake. When it came back we saw they had a cake with a guitar that said " Happy Birthday Michael Vicki" (What says Happy Birthday more than lumping someone's name in with a convicted dog fighter on her birthday cake!)

So that's about it for now. Better go since it's starting to storm outside and I'd better close some windows!