Thursday, January 3, 2008

Happy New Year!!

Wow! Somewhere along the line I missed a whole month of blogging!!! I haven't been too diligent in taking pictures, so this might end up being a boring words only blog. So what have we been up to the last month? LOTS of exciting and not so exciting things.

I'll quickly sum it up:
-we worked....seems like there was a rush of emergencies at work, so there weren't too many "normal" nights. For a while there, every night I went into work we ended up in the OR for stat C-sections.
-our computer broke, was fixed, and broke we finally have a COMPLETELY new set up! Our monitor totally died and, thankfully, was still under warrenty. So we send our monitor in to be fixed and the manufactur says "the parts are on such a back order, just go pick out a new monitor!!" The catch was we had to spend the same amount of money as we had before otherwise we lose the money. Who would have guessed that the monitor we'd originally had ( a 22'') was now WAYYY cheaper than we'd paid before, so since we didn't want to lose the money, we ended up getting a 24'' screen!!! The thing is so huge we have to practically sit across the room to keep from hurting our eyes while we surf the internet!!! Here's a picture of our new monitor:

-Also in December we celebrated our 1 year wedding anniversary!!! I can't believe a year has already gone by! We went out to a really nice restaurant (Cornell's) and stuffed ourselves until we could hardly walk out the door! While we were there there was this group of 6 people who we kept staring at b/c they kept talking about "being on stage tomorrow night" and had the manager come over and ask for one of the ladies autographs... once we got home and googled her, we found out she used to be a famous singer. She sang 'I've got a brand new pair of roller skates..." AKA one of the most annoying songs in the WORLD!!! So that was our brush with fame.
-My family came up to spend Christmas with us and we had a really great time. Unfortunately I had to work most of the nights they were here, but hopefully they still had a good time hanging out at our house.
-I turned 24!!!! YIKES!!!! Is that a grey hair I see?!?!

And most exciting of all is how we spent the first day of the new year! Here's a hint:

We welcomed the new year with 6 fire trucks and 3 policemen at our house!!!!!!! So Tuesday morning (Jan 1) Jason left around 8:30 to go snow blow a driveway and then head to work. I had to work that night so I had just taken a shower (soaking wet hair) and went downstairs to fix the woodstove fire and do some laundry. So I cracked the door to the woodstove so the chimney would heat up and not smoke up the whole house when I fixed it. I throw some towels into the washer and go out to the woodstove. After I throw a few boards onto the fire I notice it's making a weird sound (sorta sounded like a rainstick) going up the chimney and where the damper is up the pipe I can see a little flash of orange where the hole is. So I run upstairs to make sure there's not flames coming out of the chimney and there's not. I run back downstairs and by this time the sound is getting louder and louder and the pipe is starting to turn cherry red!! FREAK OUT TIME!!!! So we had a pot of water on the stove that humidifes the air. So I try and pour it on the pipe...LOUD HISSING SOUND.... and then it starts to turn cherry red again, but this time the ENTIRE pipe is red and there is smoke EVERYWHERE! I quickly closed the door to the stove and shut down the damper and called 911!! The firetrucks showed up within 10 minutes, but how scary to be standing outside hoping you don't see your house burn down and you hear the fire house siren you know is for your house! There I stood crying in the middle of the snowstorm with a wet head, snowy glasses, my pjs on and crocs with no socks!! (The stove probably caught fire because I was looking so hot!!!) Anyways, everything turned out okay. I think the fire smothered itself out by the time the firefighters had gotten there so it didn't do any damage to our house. How scary though!!! Now we have to get everything inspected to make sure we don't have to replace the entire chimey. So needless to say it was quiet an exciting way to start 2008!!!

So here's to a much quieter year than it started out!!!!!