Monday, July 14, 2008

Mr and Mrs Jeffrey Pillis

It's official!!! On Saturday, July 12th, Jeff and Britta were married!! Can't believe the big day has already come and gone, but I'm so happy that Britta is a part of our family now! Jason and I flew to Baltimore Thursday morning where mom and dad picked us up. Then the 4 of us drove down to North Carolina. The wedding was absolutely beautiful and we had a great weekend of pre-wedding fun. Hold on, because I plan on posting TONS of pictures! (thanks to mom and dad and Betty for some of their pictures)

Britta and Charlie getting ready to rehearse

Rehearsal Dinner at Mama Dips

Cooking brunch in the barn on Saturday morning

The Bridal Party

Sisters (Jessamy, Britta, and Rebecca)

Whew!! That should just about cover every angle!!! I'd add more but I have to go to work tonight so this will have to be all! The wedding was so gorgeous and we're so excited for Jeff and Britta!! Congratulations you two!!! We love ya!

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Jason and Christine's Wedding

On Saturday Jason and I went to Jason and Christine's wedding. Below are some of the pics my photographer extraordinaire husband took (notice he didn't take any pictures of the 2 of us....) :0) How will we ever prove that it was actually us there taking the pictures? Enjoy!

Mr and Mrs Jason Perkins!