Friday, October 12, 2007

Happy Birthday Jason!

As promised, an update! Yesterday was Jason's birthday and we had so much fun. I had asked Jason before what he wanted to eat on his birthday and he said the trademarked Jason phrase "I don't care". After quickly rejecting my suggestion of tater wedgies and chicken livers, I realized he really did care and he realized he'd better give me some ideas pretty quickly. So he said he'd love to have a pot roast. I, on the other hand, tried to tell him how AMAZING the ham sandwiches are that I make...he wasn't impressed. Something about taking a giant slab of meat and turning it into something edible terrifies me. But I broke out my "how to make pot rost for dummies" manual and we were well on our way to a birthday dinner. As I started to get dinner ready, I noticed Jason eyeing my ingredients and I think that was when he realized I may have spent a little too much on his birthday presents and was now trying to recoup our losses.

"Always save". So what if we have to eat Ramen noodles for the next 25 years, they aren't too bad.

Before dinner Madeline came over and hung out with us. She is just too cute! She and "unkie" played while I made supper.

George, Katie, Oscar, Donnie, and Nancy came over for supper of coconut shrimp, green bean casserole, pot roast, gravy and red potatoes. Then we had dessert provided by Nancy! I have to say, it was a pretty good dinner.

Here's to another great 25 years!!!!!!

Thursday, October 11, 2007


Guess who turned a quarter of a century today?!?!? More to come!!!

Monday, October 8, 2007

Work and Wedding and Trains OH MY!

Did you miss us? Things have been so busy here. I keep thinking that I need to update our blog since everyone else is, but how boring would it be to read "Went to work last night. Got home. Kissed Jason goodbye. Slept all day. Got up and went back to work". I worked almost every night this past week, so it was nice to have the weekend off and to get away. We went to Attitash Mountain, in New Hampshire this past weekend for Nathan and Megan Blakemore's wedding. Donnie and Nancy rode with us and we left EARLY Saturday morning for the 5 hour drive. The wedding was really nice. Here are a couple of our pics:

Just as they kissed it started to rain which led to a mad dash inside since no one wanted to find out what would happen when you mix rain, chiffon, and Aquanet together.

Once we were inside, we anxiously looked to see who else would be sitting at our table. I'm always afraid that whoever we sit with will not have the same sense of humor that I do and, instead of finding it absolutely hilarious, will be disgusted when I put a giant thumb print in Jason's bread when he's distracted. Luckily, we had a good table. Never the less, I decided to be on my best behavior, so no thumbprints for Jason's food.
Donnie, The Baby Whisperer

Afterward, we went back to the rental house and crashed. Although imagine my complete horror as I learned that Jason and I were going to have to literally sleep on top of each other in the same room as Donnie and Nancy!!!

You sickos! What did you think I meant?? Thankfully I got the top bunk. Otherwise it would have been a terror filled evening as I laid in bed with my eyes peeled upwards just waiting for the top bunk to give way and crush me as I slept!!

On Sunday we had meeting with the Blakemores and then spent the day going for walks and playing games before we had to make the long trek home.

What neighborhood doesn't have an assortment of sheep and deformed ponies to look at?

Then it was back home for us!

As you can see from Donnie's face, he's thrilled to have such a normal daughter-in-law! :0)