Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Water, and Weddings, and Birthdays...OH MY!

WARNING: There are A LOT of pictures in this post. So you can either tough it out, or go surf Wikipedia for more useless knowledge. Just don't say you weren't warned!

I think I start most blogs by saying this but "we have been SO busy lately!". We just got back last Sunday from a whirlwind trip to Ohio for Darren and Rebecca's wedding. Knowing that it would take us 10 hours to drive out there, Jason and I decided to break the trip up a bit and make some stops along the way. Since I'd never seen Niagara Falls before, we decided to leave Thursday night and drive the 5 hours north to the Falls. We arrived around midnight and got a hotel room for the night, and then spent most of Friday walking around the Falls. We went on both the American side and the Canadian side to view the Falls. The fun part (sarcasm) was crossing the border patrol. Since I don't have a current passport I had to bring roughly 400 forms of ID to prove how exactly I've become the person I am today. Starting with birth certificate, moving on to marriage license, going to current driver's license, ending with ultrasound within the past 4 weeks proving that in fact I am pregnant and not trying to smuggle large quantities of heroin in my belly across the border. I think it was harder to get back IN to the US than it was to get out. The questions they ask are a bit ridiculous. "Why were you in Canada? How long were you there for? Where are you going now?" I'm glad Jason was answering because my answers wouldn't have been so friendly. I wanted to say to the macho border patrol guy "really?? Have you looked at our economy lately? Have you paid any attention to how much NY taxes are?? Have you heard illegal immigrants are actually leaving the country because things are so down? Why would we be trying to sneak IN!??!" At this point Jason had to put a pillow over my face and explain to the man that I was pregnant, hungry and had to pee (again!) and should therefore be considered mentally unstable and to disregard all I'd said. Luckily we were allowed back into the country and we continued on our way. Here are some pics of the Falls:

(Kids, don't try this at home. Leave it to the 26 year olds who should know better!!)

Rockin' the sweet yellow panchos! P.S. No, I haven't turned into the hunchback, that's the camera bag that's on my back.

So after our time in Niagara, we headed an hour back down to Freedom where we picked up George and then started the 5-6 hour drive to Ohio. Jason and George started rationing what I was allowed to drink because they quickly got tired of hearing "ummm...guys...I kinda have to pee" every hour on the hour! After seeing some of the finest bathrooms along the route, we made it to Ohio at 11:45pm and crashed after a very long day.

The Wedding Day:

Before leaving for the wedding, Jason, George and the kids went for a quick swim at the hotel. And by "swim" I mean J & G swam around and had to practically drag the kids into the water as they were not as excited about the idea as the older "kids" were.

Tears, tears, and more tears

Now it's off to the wedding!

Whew! What we didn't get was a picture of how red Jason's face got as Dana led people in singing happy birthday to him since it was his birthday!! Anyways, it was a beautiful wedding and a fun weekend full of driving. And now I'm off to meet my OLD husband (26!!!) for a lunch of pureed carrots and Ensure! Until next time!!


Laura said...

Once again, you've provided wonderful fodder for the humor our family enjoys...being a Sat. evening an' all, entertainment was sorely lacking. Austin and I just roared!

Left Coast Sister said...

Lovely pics! Glad to see that although Jason has aged, he still hasn't grown up. Congrats on assisting with that! In reference to your last post, wow. Michael Vick(i) & Joe Montana in the same family?!! Wow.