Sunday, August 26, 2007

Bring on the wilderness

So Jason and I decided that if we're really going camping in a few weeks, we should probably buy a tent. Not that sleeping out in the wilderness with things with more legs than I have teeth and gnats suicide bombing your face doesn't sound SUPER romantic and fun, but we figured having a tent would probably be a better idea. When Jason said "hey! Let's go camping" and I said "Great! Hampton Inn or Ramada" it became pretty clear we have different ideas on what camping entails. So needless to say we went out Friday night and bought ourselves a tent. I thought something like this would be good:

Here's what we ended up with:

Hmm...not quite what I'd imagined. So how did Jason get me talked into something with no hot water shower attached and no room to stand up?

TA DAAAA!!! He distracted me with something bright and shiny until he had time to take the tent to the register! He said "look at these cute shoes!! They make you look really skinny! You should try them on and get them!" It worked. As you can see from the picture I'm still distracted by my shoes while Jason works quickly to get the tent set up and tags ripped off before I can realize that, while it says it will sleep two, one of those two should be a midget.

Boy won't it be fun to go camping?!?

On Saturday we went to the farm to help with the work project. It was SO hot but the guys got so much done. Won't be long till it's all finished!

Well I was supposed to work tonight, but got put on call. I'm glad for the night off. Although when the pay check comes I probably won't enjoy it as much! :0) Oh well!! Bye for now!

Friday, August 24, 2007

After Convention....

Hi again!! Like everyone I can hardly believe that convention has already come and gone and now it's almost September!! Jason and I have been married 8 months already! That's REALLY hard to believe. Thankfully we're still having a blast. When one or both of us start showing up with black eyes, you'll know the "blast" has ended ;)

We had a great convention! We had Molly, Ben, Darren, Rebecca, and Tyler stay here and it was so much fun. They were the perfect house guests. Who else does there own wash and leaves the sheets laundered when they go!?!? Rebecca turned 21 on the Saturday of convention. So we celebrated with ice cream cake and IBC root beer! (we're pretty hard core partiers!)

Last night we watched Madeline and Oscar for the ENTIRE night!!! Needless to say, they have not learned the joy of sleeping in! At 6:30AM I hear little coos and kicking and look to see Oscar wide awake and ready to start his day! Here I am hardly able to even find my glasses because my eyes are still trying to cross from lack of sleep and Oscar is ready to be entertained! They are super adorable and even though I didn't get my full 14 hours of sleep in, we had a blast with them.

Today I'm the domestic diva! Washing clothes like a mad woman, cleaning, sweeping, scrubbing.... I'm like a modern day Cinderella! And in the middle of all of that, I managed to make Banana bread. (Yes...I know.... Domestic Diva Extraordinaire should be my title!!) So now that it looks like I did something around the house, I can go take a nap until RIGHT before Jason gets home :0)

Monday, August 13, 2007

Here goes!!

Wow! How many of these have I started on a lark and then 10 months later I haven't written a thing! Hopefully I can be more faithful in putting quick updates on here.

For those of you who don't know us and would like to start stalking us, I'm Christina and I'm married to the greatest guy in the world, Jason. We were married December 23rd and I can't believe it's almost 8 months!! I'm currently working 12 hour nights as a Labor and Delivery nurse at a local hospital and Jason is working at a local tinting business where he can be found putting tint on cars, buildings...and whatever else he can find to make darker.

We're really looking forward to convention this weekend! We're going to have a house full and are so excited about it. Those little home repairs we've been putting off for MONTHS are finally getting done. We bought a new couch for our basement and all new curtains for our rooms. Jason mulched outside and everything is starting to look so cute and put together. We should have had company a long time ago!


Guest Room

Anyways, hopefully I can be more faithful in updating this blog and posting pictures of our super thrilling and exciting life ("christina reading book.....jason mowing lawn.....christina pretending to be busy so jason doesn't have her help mow lawn....") As for me I'm off to try and get some sleep since I have to work 7pm-7:30am tonight!